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Boost your skincare in winter

It’s freezing cold and pouring with snow or rain; your skin needs more support in the colder weather. Just as you don’t wear the same clothes outdoors in winter as you do in the summer, why would you use the same skincare products when it’s cold outside?

Going from warm, heated offices and homes out into cold isn’t good for skin. When the humidity drops outside and is mechanically stripped out of centrally heated homes and offices, your skin will beg for more hydration. The windy winter weather can cause wind burn, where the skin on your lips and hands dries out and reddens.

Hands up if you enjoy hot baths and steamy showers on cold days? It feels like a treat but it’s bad for your skin; it strips out more of natural oils. No wonder your skin often needs intensive care after a harsh winter, ending up racked, chapped and flaky.

What skincare product should you use in winter?

Look for a really good quality hydrating moisturiser. If your skin still feels tight, irritated or flaky, upgrade to a richer moisturiser, suitable for dry skin, even if you don’t usually suffer from dryness. Locking in the hydration will help keep your skin in a much healthier condition.

Switch to rich oil-based creams in winter if you can, even if you normally use water-based lotions during summer. The water in the lighter lotions can evaporate, making the effects less long-lasting than oil-based creams. In the long run this change should leave your skin feeling much more comfortable.

Look for products which contain vitamin E, to help keep moisture in your skin. Anything with a built-in humectant is also great as it will help to attract moisture to your skin.

Winter skincare protectors

· Lip balm is a great addition to your winter skincare routine. It helps repair and prevent cracked sore lips.

· A gentle, creamy cleanser or milk should be part of your cleansing routine, along with a soothing, gentle eye cream to protect the delicate eye area from the drying effects of the wet, cold and wind.

· Oil based products and serums containing pure, non-clogging essential oils like avocado oil or almond oil can help nourish dry or irritated skin.

What not to do in winter

If you want to stay looking great, avoid winter skincare no-nos;

· Anything which could potentially block your pores (is comedogenic) is a no-no when it’s cold. Shea oil and butter aren’t normally recommended for cold climates for this reason.

· Very fragranced products can irritate sensitive skin, especially when it’s cold. Avoid them wherever possible.

· Harsh products and facials are probably best left until the weather is better, as your skin wants nurturing when it’s nasty outside. Avoid trying new products, anything with alcohol in, strong chemical peels and harsh toners.

Invest in a good nourishing winter facial to keep skin supple and hydrated and use gentle products that help keep your skin healthy. When spring arrives, you won’t have to go into repair mode!

DermaLeven Aesthetics can recommend the right treatments for your skin type, environment (holiday or home) and the season if at home. Be it hydrating, soothing, repairing, anti-aging or something else. Remember, it’s not one size fits all and you need to adapt to the differe

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