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Jayne is a NVQ Level 4 micro-pigmentation and Aesthetic Practitioner.  She also holds advanced First Aid qualifications including Anaphlaxis First Aid and carries extensive first aid equipment/products and in the unlikely event we need to, you can be sure we can care for you.  Her training is continual in order to stay up to date. 

Most of our treatments start with an initial consultation to check you are suitable while others do not require this.  It's our policy to give the best possible service for our client because we feel it's important to treat them the way we would like to be treated.

How does this work?


3 key steps

1. The injection blocks the transmission of the chemical that sends messages from the nerves to the muscle telling it to contract or relax.

2. With the flow of chemical blocked
or significantly reduced, the muscle can
no longer retract and it relaxes.

3. As a result, the wrinkled areas smooth
out and soften.

This effect takes around 2 weeks to fully kick in and around 12 weeks to come back again.  It's not permanent.


Frown lines, brow lines, smile lines, bunny lines (creases at the sides of the nose), dimpled chin, jaw clenching, turkey neck (platysma bands), smokers lines, gummy smile, nose flare and excessive under arm sweating (to name a few).


what does it cost?

If it is your first wrinkle reducing treatment with us we will book you in with the independant medical professional for a health check consultation to see if you are suitable.

Costs are charged dependant on the amount of areas treated.  During your initial consultation we will have an informal chat where we get to know what you would like to achieve, explain what is realistic from our experienced perspective and if we are all happy and agree that the treatment is suitable we will give you a quotation for costs that would be required, explain the implications including any side effects and risk factors and as long as there are no reasons not to treat, offer an appointment for the cosmetic treatment that you decide on.

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