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Jayne is a NVQ Level 4 micro-pigmentation and Aesthetic Practitioner.  She also holds advanced First Aid qualifications including Anaphlaxis First Aid and carries extensive first aid equipment/products and in the unlikely event we need to, you can be sure we can care for you.  Her training is continual in order to stay up to date. 

Some of our treatments start with a consultation with our independant nurse to check you are suitable while others do not require this.  It's our policy to give the best possible service for our client because we feel it's important to treat them the way we would like to be treated.

What is Dermal Filler?


Replacement fillers are designed to work by restoring lost volume or filling furrows. Studies have also shown that by stretching the skin or epidermis and creating an injury of sorts, these
injectables may actually prompt a tiny bit of new collagen production.


Facial Filler Treatment

• The area to be injected will be cleansed, commonly with alcohol and a topical anesthetic cream, icing to the injection sites or a local anesthetic by direct injection (such as a dental block/nerve block) may be used for your comfort (optional)

• Once your treatment region in numbed, your practitioner will make injections in several locations, placing the dermal filler where correction or volume enhancement is desired.

• Your practitioner may massage or manipulate the area where the filler has been placed. The treated area may be cleansed again.

• You may be given ice or cold packs to place on the treated area to minimize swelling and bruising.

• The entire treatment process may take 20 to 30 minutes or more.


Follow-up treatments:


Immediately after a dermal filler treatment, patients will be able to see a difference in the way they look.


However, swelling may persist for 3 to 5 days after the initial treatment. Once the swelling subsides the treated area will have slightly less volume.

Different dermal filler injections produce effects that last for differing amounts of time. For example, most patients go in for a follow-up maintenance treatment at about 6 months or when the filler seems to be diminishing.


Most patients require less dermal filler on the subsequent treatment than what was required at first.


Several sessions are usually needed and the number differs between the depth and age of the scars and the type of skin each individual has.

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Naso-labial fold & Lip augmentation for a subtle face shaping (below)
Completely new to dermal fillers, this client was nervous about a huge difference and wanted to reduce the naso-labial folds effect.  We also identified the lips were turning down at the corners. 
The outcome was subtle and yet effective. The client has decided to keep this up and was surprised to find that it wasn't painful.
Above .... LIP AUGMENTATION - 1 ml Dermal Filler 
This lady already had filler and to correct shape of lips.   
Below .. LIP AUGMENTATION - 1.6 ml Dermal Filler 
This lady wanted more volume and to enhance the shape since her top lip was fairly thin.  We also turned up the corners a little while we were there.  Still swollen a little as this was 2 days after treatment.  She's swollen here still but this will go down a few days later and after 2 wks the result will be seen.

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